How a young from Thane girl saved lives with her death

Thane girl Kejal Pandey

It’s a life lesson we all should learn, that one can help others even after death. 16-year-old girl Kejal Pandey from Thane is a prime example of this. The family lost their daughter in a tragic road accident last month. But in her death, she managed to have a positive impact on others.  Her kidneys and liver were donated which saved lives, including that of a 14 year-old-child from Mumbra.

“It is so hard to get used to the fact that she is not here anymore. By donating her organs we feel like she’s still alive and amongst us.” said Shyamakant Pandey, Kejal’s father to TOI.

In April this year, Kejal was taking her mother on a two-wheeler ride, when a car tried to overtake them and hit Kejal’s vehicle, which resulted in an accident that knocked her off the vehicle. She was immediately taken to a hospital, but the young girl had already suffered severe brain damage, and was declared brain dead by the doctors.

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Her family and friends recalls how a student of Arunodaya Public School, Thane, Kejal was not only the brightest of students but also sports, dance and other extra-curricular activities used to keep her busy. Principal Madhuri Chandrashekhar said, “She was an all-rounder and a very bright child. She had been with the school for several years and was always a very well-mannered child.”

So a tragic death of a young girl became the gift of life for someone else. Definitely something for us to learn from.

Feature Image Credit: indiatoday.intoday.in