Swaraj Flooded With Donors After Kidney Failure Post

Sushma Swaraj

Minister for External Affairs Sushma Swaraj has touched so many hearts that many of her well-wishers are now offering their kidney to her. Since the last two days, India knows that Swaraj is in hospital because of kidney failure and undergoing tests for a transplant.

She tweeted about her health issues from the bed of AIIMS, triggering a wave of messages for the 64-year-old leader. An overwhelmed Swaraj is now flooded with offers of kidney donation coming in not only from India, but also from abroad.

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Delhi’s All India Institute of Medical Sciences got an unusual call at 7:30 am on Thursday from a Tamil Nadu resident, who was deeply motivated to donate and asked the procedure for donating his kidney to Sushma Swaraj. The official urged the person to call the relevant person and immediately hung up. This was the first of many calls.

“I cannot remember the exact number of calls that I have received. But I remember receiving around 40 calls,’’ the official  said, as reported by Indian Express. “I have not replied to the calls as only a competent authority is authorised to receive requests for donation. The first call was from Tamil Nadu. It was very evident from the accent. Later, I got calls from different states, but majority of them came from Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Punjab and Haryana.’’

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Here are some others:

Also, according to a Twitter chat between a Baloch activist, Ahmar Mustikhan, and Swaraj, the activist is happily willing to donate too.

“It will be a great honour if my Baloch kidney may help our sister Sushma Swaraj; this will be a small token of thanks for raising an issue at UN (sic),” Mustikhan wrote on twitter.

In reply, Swaraj tweeted:

In the past, Swaraj was very quick in helping many with visas, passports and the like. Swaraj, who has been going back and forth to AIIMS for dialysis daily and returns home in the evening to work from her home, tweeted:

AIIMS sources said the minister’s diabetes was under control but she has to continue to be under investigation for her renal transplant. They also added that the kidney donor had not been finalized yet.

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Organs and tissue transplants are governed by the Transplantation of Human Organs and Tissues Act, 2011. According to the rules, only a family member can donate an organ. In case of a cadaver transplant, the family consent of the donor is required. AIIMS sources also added that it is a very rare case when the law allows unrelated people to donate kidneys for transplant.

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