European Company Discovered ‘Miswak’, claims it as the ‘Raw Toothbrush’

We know that in India, there are a lot of ideas that we borrow from the West. Some prominent ones being music in Bollywood, or you know, literally everything else. However, there are some things in our country that we have been using for ages, especially when it comes to home remedies.

One of these home remedies – or natural remedies was JUST discovered by a European company named Yoni. Yoni is selling ‘miswak’ sticks and calling them the ‘Raw Toothbrush’. People in Europe are blown away by the idea, but little do they know that our ancestors have been using this ‘latest development’ for centuries.

Miswak is a tooth-cleaning twig that originates from the Salvadora Persica tree. It has a lot of medical benefits.

Unlike the toothbrush, you don’t rub Miswak on your teeth, but rather chew it over time. It strengthens your gums, prevents gingivitis, makes your teeth whiter, reduces bad breath, prevents toothaches and also has an anti-carcinogenic effect.

A lot of people from South Asian countries have taken it up on Twitter to talk about how the ‘raw toothbrush’ is actually an age old remedy. Most people are expressing their disapproval for the company, but many are also joking about how we already knew about Miswak.

Pic credits: Twitter.com

Pic credits: Twitter.com

Another “discovery” that the West embraced last year was the “Turmeric Latte” – the age old ‘haldi doodh’ we’ve all been drinking to fight off diseases and increase immunity. We’ve learnt a lot from western culture, but it is time they start to embrace our natural remedies for a healthy lifestyle and credit the right people rather than calling it their discoveries!

Pic credits: yonilife.com

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