Engineering Student Designs A Device To Stop You Touching Your Face

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Coronavirus! Wash your hands regularly! DON’T touch your face! All of us have been hearing this for the last two months now. We all know how hard it is to not touch your face. But now Budhavarapu Sneha ​has developed a wonder device that raises an alarm if and when a person tries to touch any part of their face or gestures a handshake, Mumbai Mirror reported. Budhavarapu is a first-year​​ engineering student from Telangana.

The novel coronavirus is a droplet infection, which attacks the respiratory system and enters the body through your nose, mouth and eyes. It spreads through handshakes or engaging with an infected person. Sneha’s device alerts you when you are about to do any of these actions. It beeps when a person touches his/her face and can be fitted to a wristwatch. ​”If your hands are sanitised, you can ignore the beep. Else, you will realise that you need to wash your hands,” Sneha explains.

Key Takeaways:

  • A first year​​​​ engineering student in Telangana, Budhavarapu Sneha developed a ​​device that warns you if you try to touch your face or shake hands.
  • “If your hands are sanitised, you can ignore the beep. Else, you will realise that you need to wash your hands,” said Budhavarapu Sneha who is selling the device for less than Rs 350.
  • Sneha is now working on making a device for social distancing.

The device sends an alarm when the person offers a shake hand. It creates a buzzing sound to warn that handshake must be avoided.

 Now more determined and enthused Sneha is using her vacation to design things for Coronavirus control. 

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The Design

Sneha used a three voltage battery, a buzzer, a sensor and a rubber band for making the device. She is now working on making a device to help citizens get used to the idea of social distancing. “I hope to complete the work in one or two days. The device will alert if someone is getting less than one meter closer to another. This may be helpful in enforcing the physical distance at shops and other public places,” she said.

“Give me ideas, I will develop devices.”  -Sneha

Sneha father B Mallesh says the device is available for less than Rs 350.

As of today India has reported 11616 positive coronavirus cases and 452 related deaths.

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Feature Image Credit: Mumbai Mirror

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