Recently, 19-year-old Anukreethy Vas from Tamil Nadu was crowned Femina Miss India 2018. She is a student of Chennai’s Loyola College, pursuing BA in French to become an interpreter. She was previously crowned fbb Colours Femina Miss Tamil Nadu.

Anukreethy has been raised by a single mother and aspires to become a supermodel and make her mother proud. Here are some recent quotes by the young winner:

On her mother

Anukreethy shared how her mother raised her to be an independent woman and empowered her at all stages. “The challenges were there forever starting from school because I am not from a city-based place. I studied in Trichy (Tiruchirappalli) which is not really a city… But I was very strong because my mother didn’t let me down at any point. She used to say, ‘You are a strong person. How can you cry?’ and that’s how she brought me up,” Anukreethy told IANS over phone from Mumbai.

“I have never seen her low. She has a lot of problems herself but she never showed that to me and that is how I was brought up. Even if I had something inside me, I never expressed it to the other person because I feel that a smile is one thing that keeps the other person going. This is what I learnt from her. She inspired me in every way and she has been a great role model,” she added.

On Education and Transgender Community

Anukreethy expressed her passion towards the cause of education in the country. She also supports the transgender community and their rights.

She said, “As a child I had a friend in school who was a transgender and she was abandoned by her family. I tried searching for her a lot and even till today I have not been able to find her. I do not want that to happen to any other person,” Asian Age reported.

The young winner added, “I already have an NGO that looks after the needs of 30 transgender people and now that I have a voice, I hope my voice will reach more people prompting them to come forward and stand by me for my cause.”

On her aspirations and motivation

The beauty queen is ambitious about winning the Miss World as well. She said, “I started with the journey for the learning experience, and now that I have won it, a sense of responsibility has sunk in. It is a landmark moment for me, both for winning the crown and creating history for Tamil Nadu. I have a huge responsibility towards India. Manushi Chhillar brought back the crown after 17 years. I have to keep the blue crown back,” Deccan Chronicle reported.

She also wished courage and good luck for future pageant aspirants. She said, “Never listen to what the world wants you to become. The world will constrict you. Listen to your heart and it will let you become what you want.”

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