Noida: Elderly Woman Succumbs To Injuries After Being Hit By An SUV

A 75-year-old elderly woman was run over by the driver of an SUV car in Noida's housing society resulting in the woman's unfortunate death.

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In the compound of a housing society in Noida's sector 78, a 75-year-old elderly woman was hit by a high-speeding SUV coming out of a basement that ran over the woman taking a stroll in the society. The woman succumbed to her severe injuries after the accident. 

The CCTV footage of the incident has gone viral after it surfaced on the internet. 

Viral Video

A tragic incident unfolded in Noida's housing society when an elderly woman was run over by an SUV car in the society compound. The high-speed SUV was caught on camera coming out of the basement and recklessly crushing the elderly woman taking a stroll in society under the wheels. 

The incident took place in Mahagun Modern Society of sector 78 where the victim of the accident, Krishna Narang (75) used to live with her husband. 

CCTV Footage


In a minute-long CCTV footage from the cameras of the society, many walkers are seen taking a stroll in the compound of the society including the elderly woman in a green suit when suddenly a silver SUV came from the basement and hit her and ran over her body. 

The passerby and security staff gathered around the woman and immediately jumped in to help the injured while a person was seen bumping on the bonnet of the car asking the driver to step out as the car's door did not open in the minute-long footage. 

About The Incident

The driver immediately rushed the woman to a private hospital. The woman died during the treatment as she sustained some severe injuries on her head and other parts of her body, according to NDTV.

The driver also informed the victim's family, but as per TOI, the victim's family initially denied lodging a complaint and getting an autopsy of the victim. 

AOA President also told TOI that CCTV footage noted the driver was on a phone call while driving and society members are constantly asked to not drive speedily in the society's compound as many children and elderly people are walking and playing in the area. 


Deputy Commissioner of Police of Noida, Harish Chandra talked about the incident how the SUV rammed into the elderly victim who succumbed to her injuries and how police will take action against the driver. 

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