Educated Women More Likely To Have Healthier Kids: Study


According to the National Family Health Survey, a mother’s education has a direct influence on her children’s health. The survey was done with 5 states with the highest mortality rate among children and 5 states with the lowest mortality rate. It was found that the states with the highest mortality rate had the maximum uneducated women living there.

According to UNICEF, the mother’s nutritional status before and after the birth of the child is an important indicator of the child’s health. Apart from that, income, food availability and sanitation are some other factors that contribute towards the overall development of the child.

States like Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Bihar and Assam had the highest under-five mortality rates. Most of the women in these states didn’t have more than 10 years of schooling, proving women’s education to have an intrinsic relationship with the mortality rate.

The five states that showed an exemplary result in terms of children’s well-being were Kerala, Goa, Manipur, Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra. Besides the level of education among women here, it was also found that women living in these states were far more empowered. They had bank accounts and got married later in their lives. This helped them in making better choices in life.

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Education and empowerment key to brighter future

Healthier women have healthier children. The point is not to be careful about one’s health for the sake of giving birth to healthy children. The point is to take care of oneself to lead a qualitative life and set examples for children to do the same.

The government can contribute significantly towards bringing down the mortality rate by sensitizing the masses about the need to have fewer children. Adopting family planning as a measure can really help. Improving the state of healthcare in India is another important step.

Education and empowerment are the two pillars of a progressive society. Indian women are marching forward to bring in a better tomorrow, ushering in success for our country in the global arena. As a society, it is important for us to look after them.

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