Driver Out To Distribute Food Falls In Love With Beggar, Marries Her

driver marries beggar

Who would have thought that lockdown could bring two people close and spark a romance that will melt the hearts of millions on social media? Anil, a driver from Kanpur’s Kakadeo area came across a beggar, Neelam. Love blossomed in lockdown when Anil took to distributing food as per the instructions of his employer among the poor on the pavement where she used to beg.

I admired her courage and guts. She was not only fending for herself but also for her paralyzed mother.

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Beginning of a Fairy-Tale

Life hasn’t been kind to Neelam these past few years. Speaking to the Times of India, she said, “My father died long ago. My mother suffered a paralysis stroke. Brother and sister-in-law used to beat me up and one day they threw me and my mother out of the house.” Left without a roof over her head and little resources, Neelam resorted to begging to make ends meet, and then in lockdown, she met Anil who would distribute food along with his employer, Lalta Prasad.

He started talking to me when he came to know about my circumstances One day, he convinced me to give up begging. We started interacting daily, and developed a friendship which blossomed into love.

Anil talked to the reporters about his attraction towards Neelam which finally blossomed into love. He said, “I admired her courage and guts. She was not only fending for herself but also for her paralyzed mother.” Anil confessed his feelings to his employer who advised him to take care of her and her mother because lockdown had made their life miserable. Consequently, he started cooking for them himself and provided them meals two times a day.

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Lalta Prasad convinced Anil’s family to let him marry the girl he loved and he finally proposed to Neelam. Whilst maintaining the social distancing norms, the couple got married at Lord Budha Ashram. Though, not a celebrity wedding, this wedding is being celebrated across the nation on social media. It has redefined what love and care mean in the time of coronavirus.

Image Credit: Times Of India

Simran Dhawan is an intern with SheThePeople.TV