6 Benefits of A Digital Detox

Technology or Digital Detox

In today’s world driven by the technology we are ever so dependent on it.

At work, we stare at our computer screens for 8-10 hours straight. When we get back home, we switch on the television, or we browse through the internet on our phones. Our lives don’t allow us to give technology a break. This is why a digital detox is important. We need to make time to get away from technology. Whether it is our phones, computers, televisions, iPads, or more, it is a good idea to schedule some time in a day that you don’t use technology at all. If you are brave enough, you can try a longer digital detox by being technology-free for days.

Whether it is our phones, computers, televisions, iPads, or more, it is a good idea to schedule some time in a day that you don’t use technology at all.

The benefits of a technology-free life are many, and if you try and take it up as a challenge, you will be gifted with the health benefits.

Asmita Sachdeva, a resident of Bangalore told us that she decided to do a technology detox from 6 pm until sleep time every day for 30 days. At first she said, it was really hard, “It took me at least a week to get used to it, I am totally addicted to my phone, but after about 10 days I felt much better overall in life, and the most important thing that happened was that my sleep cycle just magically improved and I slept so much better.”

Here are some of the important benefits of a digital detox:

Be Peaceful
With zero technology in your life, you are no longer buzzing with extra information that you do not need. A lot of negativity comes from reading the news or browsing on social media, and therefore once you let go of all, you become more peaceful. You also achieve a kind of peace of mind, and you can concentrate better.

Connect With Those Around You
This is something that we miss out on in our daily lives. When we get on a metro, we are busy listening to music or looking at our phones that we fail to notice everything around us. We don’t even talk to anyone around us. With a digital detox, this can change. You will start to make more friends, and also try and spend time with your existing friends and family a lot more

Become More Productive
Asmita told us that the digital detox helped her study better, “I used to keep checking my phone every 5 minutes when I was studying for my exams, and this would really annoy my mother because I would always be distracted, but now, I finish studying much faster because I can concentrate better”.

We don’t realise how much we are distracted by technology until we stop using it. Once you have more time on your hands, you will automatically become more productive at whatever you are doing.

Get Better Sleep
This goes without saying. The blue light in our cell phones disrupts our sleep cycles and can cause sleeping problems like insomnia. Once you decide to ditch the cell phone before sleeping and read a book instead, your sleep quality improves drastically, and your overall mood improves because you sleep well at night!

Reduce Anxiety
Anxiety is something that is plaguing our generation for a while. With technology being a large part of our lives, a lot of anxiety comes from that too. When we rid ourselves of technology, our anxieties (which stem from too much information) also subside, and we are a calmer version of ourselves.

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Become More Active
Of course, it goes without saying that technology makes us lazy. With hundreds of apps making our lives easier, technology has made us unhealthy and lazy. So once you decide NOT to use such apps, you will actually get out of your house to buy groceries, or go to a friend’s place, or go on a walk or a run. The world is much prettier outside, and we just need to realise this, get out and live our lives.

Pic credits: Place of Persistance

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