Hilarious! Dhaka Immigration Officer Turns Matchmaker, Details Inside

Dhaka Immigration Officer Turns Matchmaker
You might have come across rishtas (marriage proposals) usually brought by parents or utmost relatives, what if a total stranger does this for you? Hilarious right? This is what happened with a woman passenger at Dhaka airport in Bangladesh. An immigration officer at the airport turned into a matchmaker for an Indian passenger. 

The Dhaka immigration officer asked the young woman about her background, family history, and marital status. He also enquired about her work and suggested to find a suitable boy, get married, and settle down. It doesn’t stop there, he also offered the woman for finding a suitable match. A lecturer Dr. Priyanka Basu turned to Twitter to narrate her hilarious encounter with the officer. 

Dhaka Immigration Officer Turns Matchmaker

Basu tweeted, “Immigration officer at Dhaka airport after enquiring about me, my parents, my marital status and profession has advised me to find a Bangladeshi boy, get married and ‘settle’ in Dhaka. He also noted my local ph no. and said he would be in touch if a ‘suitable match’ come up!”

The tweet about Basu’s bizarre experience has gone viral soon after it was shared on Thursday, January 5. More than a lakh people viewed the story and about nine hundred people ended up liking the tweet on the micro-blogging site within a span of two days. Soon hilarious responses in a series of retweets started pouring in. 

A user gagged, “Never knew this was part of their job description.”

Another stated, “Oh my goodness, this is the funniest thing I’ve read all morning!”

Few also advised her how to deal in case he gives her a call. A user said, “If he calls you, do tell him my mother has not been able to locate a suitable match for me in Dhaka and would love to have a word. Hope the rest of the arrival process went smoothly. Pls, feel free to get in touch if you need help navigating life in Dhaka.”

Another user could relate to Basu’s experience as a similar thing happened to her, she said, “Welcome to Dhaka From personal experience, I can tell you that similar incidents happen more often than you would think. Of course, that doesn’t make it ok.”

A user also narrated his encounter with the on-duty officer in Dhaka, he said, “I went to Dhaka and at VOA desk immigration officer could not understand that I am a house husband. He kept asking which line of business I am in and if I wanted to start doing business with a local company. I suppose we have to fit into culturally acceptable categories.”

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