Work From Home During Menstruation Recommended By Rajasthan Welfare Board

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The Rajasthan State Social Welfare Board (RSSWB) recommended the provision of work-from-home for women during menstruation on Friday. The board’s second general meeting was headed by its chairperson, Archana Sharma.

The board has decided to send various proposals to the state government for approval through the administrative department.

Work from home during menstruation

Among this, the proposals will also include the conduct of workshops on “Good Touch, Bad Touch,” provision of work from home during menstruation, a family counselling center, the functioning of old-age homes, the Yashoda Palnaghar Yojana, and the establishment of an International Language Teaching Center.

In order to implement various public welfare schemes in the state, Sharma said the board has been formed with the aim of determining effective policies to promote women’s and children’s welfare and their upliftment.

“With the aim of checking the increase in sexual crimes against children, awareness programmes will be organised in all colleges and schools at the state, district, and panchayat samiti levels. They would be informed about good touch – bad touch and other welfare schemes,” Sharma said.

Sharma said that as a result of continuous social changes, there has been a huge increase in family tensions, which is affecting marital relations. “Keeping these circumstances in view, there is a need to set up family counselling centres, where family and women’s counselling will be done and appropriate legal help shall be provided if required,” she added.

The board chairman also informed that they have also proposed to run the Tashoda Palnaghar Yojana, under which children in the age group of 6 months to 6 years will be cared for. Educational recreation will also be provided for the physical and mental development of children.

As part of these recommendations, the administrative department was also recommended to organize state-level and district-level seminars to promote the state government’s various schemes, the de-addiction program, running of old-age homes by the social welfare board, and collecting data from voluntary organizations and enlisting them on the state board.

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