DCW To Tackle Women’s Issues Through ‘Mahila Adalat’

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Mahila Adalat

In a bid to tackle crimes against women, Delhi Commission for Women on Thursday (March 29) launched 'Rape Roko Mahila Adalats'.


The Mahila Adalat brings together the Delhi government, police and corporation to discuss women's safety issues in the capital.

In this unique court, DCW chief Swati Malliwal will address the issues herself. Women and officials from the police and Delhi government will attend the Mahila Adalats. This will make the system accountable towards women and young girls

DCW held its first Mahila Adalat in Uttam Nagar on March 29. Apart from Malliwal, ACP SP Tyagi, Additional SHO Raman Kumar, District Officer, WCD, and representative of SDM office were also present.

Over 500 women and girls participated in the Mahila Adalat. Issues discussed ranged from sale of illegal liquor and drugs, sexual harassment of schoolgirls and open drinking in parks. Women and girls spoke about how illegal liquor is being sold in houses in E Block and Bindapur Pocket 4.

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Two old women also approached the Adalat. They complained about the atrocities their own daughters subjected them to


"The girls informed that boys and men keep standing outside their schools and try to harass them. They informed that men and boys openly consume liquor and drugs in parks in Z and H Block, Holi Chowk, in front of Rajdhani Public School and Bindapur Pocket 4,” stated a DCW press release.

Two old women also approached the Mahila Adalat who complained about the atrocities that they have go through at the hands of their own daughters. The DCW chief directed immediate action in the same. Police has lodged an FIR in the matter.

DCW chief Malliwal said, “Through the Rape Roko movement, we strongly demand stringent action against child rapists in six months via strong law, increased police resources and accountability and fast track courts. We are now starting the Rape Roko Mahila Adalats to fix problems on the ground which promote sexual harassment.”

Police officers praised the effort of Malliwal, calling her a true 'Policewali'.

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