Post 16th Dec. women feel more confident to report cases, says Delhi Commissioner

Today is the 2nd anniversary of the 16th December Delhi gang-rape case. Even though there aren’t any visible changes in women’s safety measures since that horrible incident two years ago, something has changed. Most women in the capital today realize that being raped makes them a victim and that they are not the ones that should be ashamed. As #ShehnazTreasurywala recently wrote in her open letter to all the powerful men in India, “it’s their shame, not ours.”


According to a report by First Post, Delhi Police Commissioner BS Bassi told PTI that the rapid rise in reports of crime against women in the city goes to show that women today are more confident and courageous and are not afraid of reporting such crimes. He said, “I would like to tell you that after December 16 incident, women feel more confident to report about the incidents. Changes made in the law have also helped.”


[Picture Credits: India Together]


Saying that he would only be satisfied when the crimes-against-women rate would come down to zero; he added: “The number proves that the victims are now coming out openly to complain. We want the women of Delhi to become braver. In the last one year, we have imparted self-defence training to 14,000 women… In this regard I would like to tell you that the number of 100 distress help line which used to be 60 has been increased to 100. The woman helpline number 1091 which used to have four lines has been increased to 10.”


Commissioner Bassi also said that every territorial police station in Delhi has a minimum of 8 to 10 woman officials and there are 24×7 woman helpdesks as well. He revealed that the government has decided to increase the number of women personnel in Delhi Police and as a result there will now be an additional number of 1,250 women constables in the next eight months.