First Woman President Of UP Bar Council Shot Dead In Agra Civil Court

Indu Kaul Probe Darvesh Murder

The first female President of UP’s Bar Council, Darvesh Yadav was shot dead in Agra Civil Court on Wednesday by a colleague. The Scroll reports that the 38-year-old was elected for this position just two days ago. On Wednesday afternoon, she went to attend a welcome ceremony in the court. It was here that Advocate Manish Sharma allegedly opened fire around 2:30 pm, when she was in senior lawyer Arvind Mishra’s chamber, attending her felicitation program. Mishra allegedly shot her three times and then proceeded to shoot himself. They both were rushed to the Pushpanjali hospital. The doctors declared Darvesh Yadav dead, while the lawyer’s condition is critical.

Who was Darvesh Yadav?

Darvesh Singh was originally from Etah. She was the eldest daughter of a retired area police officer. In 2016, Bar Council elected her as vice-president and as Executive President in 2017. She got a Bachelor of Law Degree from Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar University(Agra University). She started advocacy in 2004, and shared her office with the accused lawyer.

“We are shocked. Darvesh and Manish had cordial relations for several years. Can’t understand how Manish could shoot his colleague “, Durgvijay Singh Bhaiya, former general secretary of Agra greater bar association told TOI.

What happened?

Some eyewitnesses said Sharma and Yadav had heated arguments in senior lawyer Arvind Mishra’s chamber. Sharma lost his temper, pulled out his pistol and allegedly fired three bullets at her. The pistol used was a licensed weapon. The police have recovered it. The police said that a case is already registered. Till now the reason behind Sharma’s action is not known. Darvesh Yadav’s body has been sent for post mortem. Further investigation will take place.

Yadav’s nephew filed an FIR  later in the evening, which reads, “My aunt Darvesh Singh Yadav was sitting at advocate Arvind Kumar Mishra’s chamber when accused Manish Sharma came with his pistol and fired shots at her and another relative Manoj Kumar. While Kumar escaped the bullet, Darvesh suffered three hits. Later, Manish shot himself with the same weapon.”

Bar Council of India has condemned Yadav’s murder and demanded security for its members, and minimum compensation of Rs 50 lakh from UP govt to her family, reported by ANI.

Photo Credit: Darvesh Yadav/Facebook

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