Denmark has become the latest European country to ban Islamic full-face veil in public places. In a move slammed by human rights campaigners as “a violation of women’s rights”, the Danish Parliament has passed a law on 31st May banning Islamic full-face in public spaces. The law was passed with 75 votes against 30.

The Danish Government had proposed this bill earlier in February this year.

“Anyone who wears a garment that hides the face in public will be punished with a fine,” says the law

Justice Minister, Søren Pape Poulsen asserted, “It is incompatible with the values in Danish society and disrespectful to the community to keep one’s face hidden when meeting each other in public spaces.”

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As quoted by Ritzau news agency in February this year, the Justice Minister said, “I don’t think there are many who wear the burqa here in DenmarkBut if you do, you should be punished with a fine.”

The bill was presented by the centre-right government. It was also backed by the Social Democrats and the far-right Danish People’s Party. The new rule is popularly known as the “burqa ban”. It will come into effect on 1 August.

The government has cleared that the law does not ban headscarves, turbans and traditional Jewish skull caps. They have also claimed that the law has not been passed or intended to take an aim at any religion.

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According to the law, if anyone wearing a burqa is covering a person’s entire face, or the niqab, which only shows the eyes, in public will lead to a fine of 1,000 kroner (USD 156, 134 euros). Repeated violations would risk a fine up to 10,000 kroner (USD 1600). Repeated violations can also lead to imprisonment up to six months. Apart from this, if any person threatens another to wear a full-face veil covering the face, it would lead to two years of imprisonment.

However, it is also envisaged that the law permits people to cover their faces for specific purposes or termed as “recognizable purposes”.  It is allowed to cover faces in biting weather or using motorcycle helmets under the Danish traffic rules.

France was the first European country to ban the niqab in public places. The law came into force in 2011. Similar laws are followed by other countries including Austria, France, and Belgium.

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