At security check: Delhi Metro asks women in Burqa to reveal their face

Delhi metro

Recently, a woman wearing hijab uploaded her picture on social media saying that the Delhi metro has allegedly banned women wearing burqa. The post went on to say that the women wearing the burqa will have to show their identity at the security check. A general question was posed as to whether people supported the ban or not.

Turns out that no such ban has been put on women wearing burqas but they will definitely have to show their faces. “No woman will be harassed to reveal her identity,” said a senior Central Industrial Security Forces officer to India Live Today. The officer also stated that this rule has been put so that men disguised as women don’t enter the metro as it is a major security concern, “thousands of women in Burqa travel in Delhi metro everyday without facing any problem.”

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However in May this year, a girl named Humaira was stopped by the CISF female security personnel because she was in a burqa, she even showed her face and her ID cards but still the girl was asked to leave or travel without the burqa which made her feel embarrassed.

On the flipside, there have been cases of robbery by men disguised as women under a burqa. The latest took place in April when two men disguised as women entered the Rajinder Nagar metro station and looted about 12 lakhs cash. It was only after that incident that the CISF came up with an amended set of guidelines wherein covering your face during frisking with anything like surgical masks, mufflers, ‘dupatta’ or anti-pollution caps is not allowed.

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Actually, the move makes sense with the increasing level of crime in the city, and a quick security check is always better than no security, right?

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Feature Image Credit: railnews.in

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