COVID-19: US Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris Receives First Shot Of Moderna Vaccine

After the United States reported its first case of the new mutant strain of the coronavirus, Kamala Harris received the first of her two shots at United Medical Center, Washington DC on Tuesday

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US Vice President-elect Kamala Harris received the first dose of Moderna COVID-19 vaccine in Washington DC. On Tuesday, Harris went on live television to get her shot, in order to boost the confidence of the United States citizens in the vaccination. Her husband Doug Emhoff too received his first dose of the coronavirus vaccine on Tuesday, December 29.

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“I trust the scientists, and it is the scientists who created and approved this vaccine,” she told NT Times. Soon after receiving the shots, she took to her Twitter handle and shared, "Today I got the COVID-19 vaccine. I am incredibly grateful to our frontline health care workers, scientists, and researchers who made this moment possible." Harris will be the first woman to be sworn in as Vice President of the US, come January 20 next year.

"When you’re able to take the vaccine, get it. This is about saving lives," she also urged US citizens and those from other countries to trust in the process, adding that it's about "the life of your family members, and your community."

That was easy: Kamala Harris says after getting her shot

"That was easy," Harris said after receiving the shot in her left arm. "Thank you. I barely felt it,"CNN reported. She further elaborated that it is "relatively painless" and "happens really quickly".

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"It is safe," Harris said adding, "So I want to remind people that right in your community is where you can take the vaccine, where you will receive the vaccine by folks you may know."

Harris' husband Emhoff, who also got vaccinated, wrote in a tweet that, "We each have a role to play to keep ourselves and our communities safe."

President-elect Joe Biden, who takes office on January 20, was vaccinated live on television on December 21, alongside his wife Dr Jill Biden.

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