True Ally: Cop Holds Crying Baby While Mother Casts Vote In Tamil Nadu Elections

Cop comforts baby
Cop Comforts Baby: A picture winning many hearts on the internet showed a constable holding a baby in his arms outside a polling booth while the infant’s mother went to cast her vote.

The picture was clicked outside a polling booth in Anantapur district in Andhra Pradesh, as confirmed by the Andhra Pradesh police Twitter account. The tweet also mentioned that the on-duty constable consoled the baby until his mother returned. The AP police shared the viral video with the caption,  “AP Police’s humane face at #TamilNaduElections: Anantapur Police constable deployed for Tamil Nadu Elections 2021 carried and lulled a one-month-old crying baby until the mother’s return from the voting booth, winning the hearts of many.”

The picture was then shared by many on social media as it touched them. Many enquired about the name of the police officer but it hasn’t been revealed yet. The tweet has now been pinned on the AP Police’s official account on Twitter.

While many saluted the act and praised the police officer for helping the woman, some had different opinions about the picture. One user called the picture a stunt for publicity as he claimed that the women seen standing next to him show “no compassion”. This was then refuted by another user who wrote, “It is because of people like you there is still gender stereotype in India. Can’t a man cradle a baby? Can’t a woman stand next to a man cradling a baby? Is it always the woman’s job to do that? Please, break this disgusting ideology and grow up.”

The tweet has now received hundreds of likes on social media with many sharing the picture. The AP police account had one other post with the hashtag #APPolice’s Human face which showed the police officers helping an elderly woman reach a polling booth in a wheelchair. The police’s social media caption called it an act of “enabling the spirit of democracy during elections.”

On April 6, people in 234 districts of Tamil Nadu cast their votes in state by-elections. According to reports, over 71.79% voter turn out was seen by 7 pm. The results of the election will be declared on May 2, 2021.

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