AP Woman Cop Carries Homeless Man’s Body, Helps In Performing His Last Rites

cop carries dead body
AP cop carries dead body of a homeless man on a stretcher, helps with his cremation: Sub-inspector Kotturu Sirisha of Kasibugga police in Andhra Pradesh on Monday received a distress call about the death of a homeless person in the fields in Adavikotturu. When no locals came forward to carry the homeless man, SI Sirisha carried the dead body of an 80-year-old unknown person on her shoulders for more than one kilometre.

Applauding her humanitarian gesture, Andhra Pradesh Police tweeted:

According to TOI reports, the incident took place in a village on the outskirts of Sampangipuram in Kasibugga-Palasa. “We noticed the body of an unknown person, aged around 80 years, who locals said was a beggar. But bringing the body from the fields to the vehicle was difficult as there was no path to the road. We requested the villagers but no one came forward,” Sirisha told TOI.

The dead deserve dignity too. I only did my duty: Andhra cop carries dead body of homeless man.

It was difficult to get the body to the vehicle as it was located in the farms, thus Sirisha requested villagers to help, but they all refused. “It is likely the man died due to starvation as he was very frail and weak,” she said. 

Sirisha, who hails from Vizag city and holds a pharmacy degree, said she carried the body on a makeshift stretcher with the help of a member from Lalitha Trust.

It took them about 25 minutes to reach the police vehicle. After seeing the woman police officer carrying the body, some villagers stepped forward and extended help to cremate the body.

Sirisha is a mother to a 12-year-old. The woman police officer said that it was her father’s dream to see one of his four daughters join the force.

I joined the police force to serve people and extend my services to the society. The dead deserve dignity too. I only did my duty,” she expressed. State DGP Gautam Sawang also praised her for the generous gesture.

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Feature Image Credit: TOI