CISF Jawan Changes Sex to Marry Female Colleague

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A Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) Jawan has changed gender to become male, and the CISF has finally recognised him as a male constable, six years after the surgery.

The 29-year-old married a woman colleague a year after getting the sex-change operation.

The man had to go through four years of bureaucracy in order for the CISF to finally acknowledge him as a man.

“We have intimated Ministry for Home Affairs after medical boards set up by us declared the constable a male. The issue was pending for four years but we have taken a decision now. In our record, he is now a male constable,” OP Singh, CISF DG, said.

The man had joined the force as a woman in 2008. In order to convince the CISF of his masculinity, he had to undergo several medical tests and many physical exercises. He had to take out loans to pay for his surgery.

He says that if same-sex marriage had been allowed in India, he would not have had a sex change.

He told the Hindustan Times that he had always treated himself as a boy, ever since his childhood. But his gender status has caused confusion at home and at his job.

He never wanted to get married, because he knew he would have to marry a man. So when he joined CISF, he vowed never to return home. When he was posted for frisking duty of female passengers (back when he was still a female) he told his bosses that he considers himself a man, and so this kind of job could be inappropriate. In another instance, his female colleagues expressed discomfort at his sleeping in the same barracks as them, since they saw him as a man, even though at that time he was biologically a female.

Kudos to the brave Jawan who took on society and fought for the right to love and to work.

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