Chennai Woman Constable Saves Couple From Drugged Addicts

A female police constable in Chennai single-handedly tackled a group of four offenders who were harassing a couple near the PWD at Marina Beach on Saturday.

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Chennai Woman Constable Saves Couple
A female police constable in Chennai single-handedly tackled a group of four offenders who were harassing a couple. The incident happened on Saturday when the couple was riding on a service road near the Public Works Department (PWD) office at Marina Beach.

Four men on two bikes began chasing the couple, and one of the men intentionally twisted his bike, causing the couple to slide and fall to the ground. This led to a heated argument between the group of men and the couple. The police officer said that the men were under the influence of drugs.

Chennai Woman Constable Saves Couple

The harassers tried to snatch the woman’s phone and made inappropriate sexual advances towards her. Despite being surrounded by people who witnessed the incident as silent bystanders, no one came forward to help.

Kala, a police constable on guard duty for the armed reserve, intervened and threatened the harassers. When they didn’t seem to back away even after her intervention, she immediately called for backup from other patrolling officers.

Constable Kala explained how the perpetrators grew more confident after seeing the public hesitant to intervene. She said that after she called for backup from other police personnel on duty in the surrounding area, the group of four men fled the spot. She then accompanied the couple to the Marina Police Station.

Based on the couple’s complaint, the police launched an investigation and identified the perpetrators through the CCTV camera at the location. The police arrested the four accused and confiscated their bikes. Further investigations into the case are underway.


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