In The First, Women Police Officers Went On Night Patrol

Women Police Officers On Night Patrol
Recently, women police officers from the Gokul Road police station celebrated Women’s Day in a unique manner by assisting in the night patrol duty from Tuesday 10 pm to Wednesday 6 am.

This will be for the very first time that women staff including the ASI and the police constables posted at the Gokul Road police station have taken up the challenge to perform night duty by visiting each and every corner that comes under their police station limit.

Women Police Officers On Night Patrol

The ASI of Gokul police station, Radha Gungarkoppa told Times of India that the entire women staff performed the night-beat duty with full enthusiasm and fearlessness which included 6 police constables.

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Gungarkoppa stated, “Women staff are generally not involved in the night beat system and work in the office late at night, usually only male staff are on night patrol at all police stations. But for a change, the senior officers deployed all the women staff members to perform night patrol in our police station limits to mark the occasion of International Women’s Day”.

Further added,while one woman constable performed the duty of sentry officer at the police station, others of the female staff were on night patrol duty.”

The female staff visited the hotels, restaurants, bars, and more, asking them to close by 11 or most by 11.30 as per the order. They also patrolled around the limits of their police station to make sure everything is working under law and order. Radha Gungarkoppa also exclaimed, “We were checking sensitive and isolated places to make sure there were no untoward incidents. We worked and patrolled with the Chalukya team during the night patrol.”

Apart from this the team also checked more than approximately 104-night beat points and completed the e-beat formalities as well which are linked to their beats as a part of their night patrolling system. Generally, female ASIs are assigned to beat the points checking duty once in a while like, one time a week they are usually not assigned the night patrol duty. ASI Radha said, It was a quite challenging task, but we gained a lot of valuable knowledge that will surely help us to tackle various crimes in the future.