People, across the world, are accomplishing great feats despite their physical handicaps. One such amazing woman who didn’t let the problem of cerebral palsy thwart her from achieving great heights is Sydney-based Johanna Garvin.

This 26-year-old managed to complete seven marathons across seven different continents traversing Antarctica, Cape Town, Perth, Dubai, Portugal, Columbia and Miami. She achieved this while she was in a wheelchair.

Johanna became the first person ever to cover a distance of 295 km in seven days and complete the World Marathon Challenge using a wheelchair.

The challenge saw 51 athletes from across the globe attempt the toughest collection of endurance races.

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The disability

She was born 11 weeks premature. As a result, she suffered lung haemorrhage and a stroke when she was just three days old. Diagnosed with cerebral palsy at the age of one, she became wheelchair bound for life.


Johanna was a student of Bachelor of Communications and Media where she majored in film and social justice at Sydney’s University of Notre Dame, she works in communications for the NSW Government’s arts, screen and culture agency Create NSW. She is also a budding filmmaker.

The woman and her will to succeed despite the obstacles life throws at her is commendable. What she has done proves that no disability is strong enough to stop a person from doing what one really aspires to.

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Closer Home…

In June last year, a Mumbai girl with cerebral palsy had scored 88% in her Class 10. Another dauntless girl is 11-year-old Walker Lear, who climbed the Great Wall of China on (June 6), despite being diagnosed with the same condition.

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