Woman with Rare Genetic Disorder is now a Professional Dancer

Charvi Kathuria
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The world is full of tenacious souls who don't let their disability hinder their dreams. Tiffany Geigel from New York is the quintessence of courage and audacity. Despite being born with a stunted stature, curved spine and a short neck, she achieved her dream of becoming a ballerina.



She suffers from a condition called Jarcho-Levin Syndrome (JLS). It is a rare genetic disorder characterized by distinctive malformations of bones of the spinal column and the ribs. As a result the individuals suffer from respiratory insufficiency, and/or other abnormalities.

Her parents, however, backed her and encouraged her to chase her dream. They got her enrolled in a dance class where she slogged day and night to become a professional dancer.

'I was never bullied at school, the children were very accepting of me. It's been as an adult I've experienced bullying. Out on the streets in New York, strangers will stare and even laugh in my face. People will follow me taking photos or videos of me. But dance is a way for me to say, “I can do this." People laugh and stare but I'm living my dream', she tells the Daily Mail.

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A Dance Aficionado

Reaching such dizzying heights wasn't a smooth sailing for her. She is just four-foot tall and grapples with a lot of health issues. However, she did not let that stop her from getting a degree in dance.

She is trained in several dance forms including ballet, tap, jazz, salsa and Bollywood. She taught dance to children for eight years.

Future plans

She trains 60 hours a week. She has also appeared on a popular TV show. Besides inspiring thousands of people with her story, she aspires to launch her own dance studio in the near future.

SheThePeople.Tv salutes her for exhibiting great valour. She has successfully broken societal shackles to emerge triumphantly. More power to her!

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Pic Credits: Deccan Chronicle

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