After spending a long tiring day at work that entails handling a marble business, Punjab-based Vineet will return home today, but has no plans to go out and celebrate Valentine’s Day.

“I don’t think we will head out somewhere. Most of the places are crowded and there is always a fear of getting hurt,” says Vineet, a feeling of concern for his wife evident in his tone.

He is a postgraduate in History while his wife Saroj works in a Punjab government centre. The duo got married in November, 2017.

How they met

“I had been looking for a suitable match since 2016. I met Saroj through a matchmaking platform meant for differently-abled people. She was living 20 km away from my own place,” says Vineet who walks with a limp.


“There was some resistance from my father and brother but my mother and sister-in-law backed me,” says Saroj.

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Some meetings, some negotiations and everything worked out for them.

However, Vineet admits that he has to frequently face some negative remarks from people around.

Vineet and Saroj
Vineet and Saroj on their wedding day

“People tell me that I have committed a mistake or my wife is more differently-abled than I am,” he shares, adding that sometimes people stare at them unnecessarily which makes them feel awkward. But he believes in destiny. “You get what is in store for you in your destiny,” he asserts.

For Vineet, love is the mutual understanding and cooperation that a couple must have.

Finding a match for Dinesh

Punjab-based Seema, who got her differently-abled son married in 2017, says that the couple is leading a very happy life. Her son Dinesh owns pharmacy store and his wife Anjali is a homemaker.

“They are leading a very happy life. Everyone around has been very supportive in our case,” she says.

Anjali’s Story

Anjali, a 31-year-old  resident of Gurgaon, will be getting hitched to the love of her life this year.

When Anjali was born, she had a hole in her heart. She got operated upon because of which her talking and walking got delayed. Her fiance, Arpan, suffers from cerebral palsy which affected his knees. He walks with crutches.

How they met

“We spoke over the phone for the first time. We met for the first time in person in October. I was the one who initiated the proposal. It was on Diwali that he accepted my proposal and then we got engaged in November,” she says.


“Initially, I was scared because I didn’t know how people would react because I am normal to look at and to talk but the boy is physically differently-abled. He was the one who took the first step of telling everyone that we are engaged and going to get married,” she says.

Anjali with her fiance
Anjali with her fiance

“I was asked why I was marrying someone who is differently-abled since he cannot do certain things and I will have to help him out but I was willing to do everything. I explained to them if I get married to a so-called physically normal person, anything can happen to anyone so will that partner leave the other partner? Our match has been made by God. God wanted us to be together,” she adds.

“Love is a beautiful feeling. Falling in love with someone who cares for you, respects you and is thinking about you all the time is wonderful,” is her description of love.

Well, these love stories do make us believe that love has the power to transcend all boundaries and brings people together in the most unexpected ways.

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