BSF Constable Rejects Dowry, Said Bride’s Education More Valuable

rejects dowry

Breaking regressive conventions, a BSF constable of Jaipur rejected the 11 lakh rupees offered to him in cash as dowry and instead accepted 11 rupees and a coconut as a token from the bride’s parents. He considered the education and achievements of his bride as more valuable than the dowry.

Jitendra Kumar who is posted in Chandigarh tied the knot on Saturday with Chanchal from Rajasthan who is preparing for Rajasthan Judicial Services. The couple got married at Amba Bari locality in Jaipur city.

Key Takeaways:

  • BSF constable Jitendra Kumar refused to take dowry from the bride’s family.
  • He rejected the 11 lakh rupees offered to him and instead accepted 11 rupees and a coconut as a token gift. 
  • Jitendra considers the education and achievements of his wife Chanchal as more valuable for him.
  • Chanchal is LLB and LLM and is preparing for Rajasthan Judicial Services.
  • Jitendra’s family has also offered to facilitate Chanchal’s further education.

Jitendra’s step against dowry and towards women education

No doubt that the convention of dowry, however regressive, is being followed by our society even today. This custom deems it important for the family of the bride to fulfill the monetary demands of the groom’s family to get their daughter married. This evil exchange of money and women has been splintered by the rationality of Jitendra Kumar. He right-away refused to take any dowry in exchange for the bride because the bride’s education itself is a valuable gift for the family.

In a conversation with  Times Of India  he said, “The day I was told that my wife-to-be had done LLB and LLM and is also pursuing a PhD, I thought she is good enough for me and my family. That day I made up my mind to not take any dowry and my family thought we will declare this decision on the wedding day itself.”

Chanchal, the bride, is preparing for Rajasthan Judicial Services (RJS). Jitendra further said that if she becomes a magistrate, this would be more valuable for his family than money. In fact, Jitendra and his family offered to facilitate Chanchal’s higher education which should not be hindered by marriage.

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A happy and proud Chanchal’s family

Indeed the bride’s family were initially taken aback. They became worried that something  might have gone wrong in the wedding and its preparations. Never had a groom refused to accept 11 lakhs as dowry! However, when they looked beyond the deeply rooted convention, they could not stop appreciating the fact that the groom did not want any dowry but only his educated wife and a future magistrate.

Govind Singh Shekhawat, the happy 59-year-old father of Chanchal told Times Of India, “I was shocked and initially thought either the family of the bridegroom wanted more money or they were unhappy with the arrangements. Later, we realised that he and his family were totally against the money being offered to them.”

Jitendra – an example of a progressive generation

Jitendra’s step against the conventions is all we need to overcome the evil and illogical customs like dowry that has blinded our society since ages. His deed is an example for the millennials who have the onus to lead the world to progression.

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Rudrani Kumari is an intern with SheThePeople.TV