A BJP worker, who is supervisor at a school outside Nagpur, was arrested for raping a 19-year-old former student in a Gadchiroli-bound bus on June 27. A CCTV camera at the rear end of the bus recorded the 48-year-old Ravindra Bawanthade’s actions. The two were seated along the aisle, and when the conductor spotted the two in a compromising position, Ravindra claimed that he had just been trying to take care of the girl who was not well.

The conductor, Khobragade, and a driver from another bus retrieved the CCTV footage, recorded it on their mobile phones, and that is how the clip, which shows Ravindra kissing the girl, while other passengers are also on board, went viral. The police have arrested both of them for circulating the rape video. Ravindra has also been arrested.

The victim has claimed that this is the second time Ravindra has forced himself on her. Earlier, he had forced himself on her in his car. He had promised the girl a job at a hospital in Nagpur. He also used to visit the girl’s home and promised to marry her. He even bought her a mobile phone and would keep calling her, she has said in the FIR.

He even promised to marry the survivor, even though she is already married. He has also made sexual advances at other women, claim sources. However, there has been no concrete evidence of this. The school has suspended him. Local BJP leaders have refused to make any statements on the incident.

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