Woman Police Officer Takes On BJP Workers

A senior woman police officer stood up to a group of BJP workers who were raising slogans against the police. The incident occurred after one of the workers had been fined for not carrying driving documents in UP’s Bulandshahr.

The man had misbehaved with police officers and was subsequently arrested. The workers were causing havoc outside the court where the worker concerned, Pramod Lodhi, had been produced. They alleged that Lodhi was arrested because he had refused to pay bribe. They said that he had been asked to pay a bribe of Rs 2,000.

“You please go and get written orders from the Chief Minister that the police have no right to check vehicles… that we can’t do our job. Hum raat mein parivar ko chhor ke duty karte hain, maze lene ke liye nahi (we leave our families at home at night not to have fun but to do our job),” the officer, Shrestha Thakur, is seen telling the BJP workers in a video that has gone viral.

She told the workers that they were bringing a bad name to their party, and people will start saying that they are BJP goondas.

Recently, a BJP member shouted at a woman police officer, Charu Nigam, in Gorakhpur. He told her not to cross her limits and left her in tears. The police were trying to control women protesters who were demanding a ban on liquor shops.

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Picture Credit: NDTV