Why Did School Girls Start Fighting On Bengaluru Street?

Bengaluru School Girls Fight, Why Did School Girls Start Fighting On A Street In Bengaluru?
On social media, a video of a bunch of girls fighting in front of a Bengaluru school has gone viral. The girls are dressed in their school uniforms, and the date of the occurrence is unknown.

In the viral video, two groups of girls were seen fighting, and based on the uniforms of the students involved, the incident appeared to be a fisticuff between students from two schools, according to social media users.

In the video, one of the girls pulls another girl’s hair and throws her to the ground in the middle of the fight. The girl falls to the ground and collides with a nearby railing. However, onlookers came in and intervened, stopping the fight before anyone was seriously wounded. Watch the video here.

Bengaluru School Girls Fight

The well-known Bishop Cotton Girls’ School in Bengaluru is one of them and the event occurred directly across from Bishop Cotton Girls’ School.

School and college girls brawling in public areas is becoming more common. In a similar incident, a squabble between schoolgirls turned into an all-out brawl at a bus stop in Madurai, Tamil Nadu, on May 1. In another viral video on April 26, an argument between students from two Chennai universities devolved into a full-fledged fight, with students writhing on the ground at a bus stop.

As per some reports, the fight between the school girls started after one student went out with the boyfriend of another student. The conflict between two school girls over a boyfriend allegedly involved more people and then the fight on street was seen. In the video, one can see that the parents of the students were also getting involved in the fight. So far, the reason of the fight has not been confirmed and the school authorities also have not given any statement regarding the same.

Many on social media started to share the videos. Some made fun of how girls were pulling each other’s hair and others expressed concern over the violence among school students and the parents also getting involved in childish fight. More information on the incident is awaited.

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