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Viral Video: Mother Is Emotional As Daughter With Autism Sees Clearly For First Time

Child with autism
A viral video of mother and daughter is making people emotional in a multitude of ways with many offering positive thoughts. The viral video shows a young girl who has autism wearing glasses and seeing clearly for the first time in her life. The mother’s response when she sees her little girl is heartening to behold, and it may make you cry too.

The short video was shared by a correspondent of the journalists-run page Good News Movement which posts good stories from across the world. The short clip shows the mother placing spectacles on her daughter and the child’s reaction is priceless.

Child With Autism Sees Clearly For First Time With Specs

The girl appears astonished and wonders at the world around her. Her mother appears to be completely taken aback. The girl is then seen jumping around, and her mother can’t stop crying tears of joy. The caption of the video reads, “Little girl who has autism sees clearly for the first time in her life.” The video was released 19 hours ago and has had around 50K views since then. Watch the video here.

An Instagram user shared her good wishes for the child in the comment section.” The first step in this precious girl’s journey. Bless her.” One user made a comment on the video that reads, “Thank you for sharing this beautiful moment with us! Her smile says it all,” while another user wrote, “Be proud mama. For she will teach you things you’ve never been taught before. “

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For the uninformed, Autism, often known as Autism spectrum disorder, is a chronic neurological condition that first manifests in childhood. Social deficiencies, communication difficulties, and limited, repetitive, and stereotyped behaviour patterns are all symptoms of the disease. Simply explained, autism is a neurological disorder that interferes with a person’s ability to communicate with others. The illness begins in childhood and lasts till adulthood.

Being a parent is difficult enough, but being the parent of a child with autism is even more demanding and challenging. According to studies, mothers of autistic children experience higher levels of parenting-related stress. However, when these small things make the child joyful and thrilled, it is one of the most relieving experiences for a parent.

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