Bengaluru Resident Helps His Cook Start Her Own Food Business, Social Media Applauds

Saroj Didi has an impressive list of credits to her name. Apart from being fluent in "Kannada, Hindi, English," she is "extremely reliable" and bonds with people over "food and cats." Details inside on how to order her food.

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When lockdown began, banana bread recipes and Dalgona coffee were all the rage. What most of us believed to be a newfound interest in cooking turned out to be a mere indulgence, a realisation that is impossible to miss as our quarantine-life gears up to stretch into yet another month. But not for Saroj Didi, for whom cooking has long been more than a passion. A proficient cook, 47-year old Saroj Didi has taken the unfortunate lockdown and turned it on its head by using it as an opportunity to start her own home-cooked food business.


The world came to know of her culinary skills when her employer, Ankit Vengulerkar, posted a Twitter thread about Saroj Didi, who has been cooking and cleaning at his Bengaluru residence for over a year now. As per his thread, Saroj Didi along with her husband "used to run a small eating joint in Mangammanapalya." But when her husband passed away, she could not run the business all by herself, having to shoulder the responsibility of raising three kids all alone. Therefore, she turned to domestic housework.

Now she wants to rekindle her professional cooking interests with a new business.

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Kickstarting Saroj Didi's Food Business

In proper CV format, Vengulerkar has given a short profile on Saroj Didi, telling potential customers of her new food business about her work experience. Needless to say, Saroj Didi has an impressive list of credits to her name. Apart from being fluent in "Kannada, Hindi, English," she is "extremely reliable" and bonds with people over "food and cats."

Saroj Didi had been wanting to begin her own "home-cooked food business for a few weeks," and with Vengulerkar's help, she kickstarted it on 24 July. The new entrepreneur is "extremely talented and experienced in cooking," as per her employer.

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How To Order Saroj Didi's Food?

Saroj Didi's food, in the pictures Vengulerkar has posted, looks absolutely decadent. It has already become a hit with the digital masses, who are reaching out to know where and how they can place their orders. Vengulerkar has posted a story series on Instagram with the details.

People living near HSR layout in Bangalore can order Saroj Didi's food by availing Dunzo or Swiggy Genie services. Food for delivery will only be cooked on weekends, the menu for which will be shared every week on Vengulerkar's Insta stories beforehand. Customers can message him directly on his social media handles, and specify the dishes and portions they want to order. The business will be accepting payment through Google Pay. The food will be freshly and hygienically cooked in Vengulerkar's kitchen. Since "it is not a restaurant," stocks will only be available for order on a "first come first serve" basis.

Vengulerkar has personally recommended ordering Saroj Didi's Mangalorean Crab Curry.

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Social Media All Praises For Saroj Didi, The New Entrepreneur


Saroj Didi's cooking and Vengulerkar's initiative to help her has been widely applauded on social media, and netizens have been boosting the Twitter thread and new business ever since it was posted. While Bangaloreans asked for details, others who don't live in the city wrote how they wished they could try out some of the delicacies dished out by her. A user wrote, "Who else is wishing they were in Bangalore?" and another wrote, "We want Saroj didi and you in Bombay!!!"

The new business did not go unnoticed even by Michelin star chef Vikas Khanna, who was impressed with Saroj Didi, and shared the post asking if she delivered to New York. He wrote, "This makes me to SO HAPPY & PROUD. Thank you @ankitv for doing this for Saroj Didi. Would you deliver to NY."

It is heartening to see people lifting others up during this period of turmoil, when incomes are uncertain and we are collectively going through an upheaval in our daily routines. This reiterates that we can only get through the pandemic as long as we work as a team. Saroj Didi is doing her bit by wearing her mask at all times. Are you?

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