Badass & Empowered: Disney Princesses Are Now Career Women

Ria Das
Jun 02, 2018 09:40 IST
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Girls, let’s reboot ourselves, shall we? When revisualising Disney princesses from our childhood, what is the one thing we find in common? Aren’t they all a little too subtly conventional?


But it is important now to make the princesses real, beyond how it is collectively viewed by the society, and make them what we aspire to become. Matt Burt, a North Carolina-based graphic designer with his work Simple Thrifty Living, recently reimagined Disney princesses as modern career women. He made them what every teenager these days look up to – The Bosses. He endeavoured in making them more relatable to the '90s kids who grew up with them than ever.

Further he turned ‘Sleeping Beauty’ to a boss who runs a coffee company. Likewise the two sisters from ‘Frozen’ has become climate change scientists and 'Snow White' is re-imagined as a Leading Psychologist. Every woman is a boss, and with reimagining these princesses as career women, Burt tried to entail business-style modern woman who can encourage aspirant girls to dream big.

This project, he said, "was unique and one that I enjoyed because it was a bit of a deviation from the norm. It allowed for a lot of creative freedom and an art style that I typically do not do in my day-to-day work," ABCNews reported.

"I would have to say that Jasmine is my favorite. Her job, in particular, stood out to me as a great fit for her personality. Also, her overall style for the artwork made her my favorite," he said while mentioning that he turned the beloved character into a UN Ambassador.

"The Disney princesses are more than just characters to many people. They have become cultural icons and influential women that others look up to," Burt told GMA. "Since they have such an impactful role in society, I felt that it was important to show them as strong women and women who are successful on their own," he added.

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"I've had people from across the world messaging me and telling me how much the artwork means to them," he said. "I hope these will serve as an inspiration for others to pursue their dreams."

The artist claims to have purposefully chosen to show the princesses in traditionally male-dominated fields to encourage women and girls.

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Feature Image Credit: Matt Burt

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