New Bacteria-Embedded Bodysuit ‘Skin II’ To Reduce Body Odour

Body Odour

Body odour can reduce your confidence and can spoil anyone’s mood, but not anymore. Rosie Broadhead has designed a new bodysuit embedded with ‘healthy-bacteria‘ which will counter the bacteria that produce odour. Apparently, it’s not sweating that produces the unpleasant smell, it’s the bacteria. New “Skin II” contains healthy probiotic bacteria that will reduce the smell of body odour.

Broadhead developed the garment with the help of Belgian microbiologist Chris Callewaert of Ghent University. It was part of her postgraduate degree at London Arts University Central Saint Martins. Callewaert himself has done extensive research on body odour. He provided her the healthy probiotic bacteria that are commonly found on the skin. What started as a college project, now they both want to go commercial with Skin II.


  • The Bodysuits “Skin II” contains healthy probiotic bacteria, which prevents body odour.
  • The bacteria in the bodysuit can survive a 30-degree wash.
  • Rosie Broadhead and Chris Callewaert want to go commercial with their invention, by making sportswear range with the material. 

Advantages of Skin II

Besides odour prevention, the suit also saves you from spending energy in laundry. The suit is very sustainable and doesn’t require frequent dry cleaning. In fact, testing showed that the bacteria in the bodysuit were able to survive a 30-degree wash. This means it’s not only viable, but it’s also eco-friendly. It helps to save water and reduces use of harmful and costly detergent powders.

Broadhead wants to design her own sportswear range with the same technology. It will help the athletes to counter the unpleasant smell caused by their body odour during training or games.


 Rosie Broadhead on Skin II suits

Talking about her new bodysuit she said, “It’s not the sweat on your body that causes body odour, it’s the bacteria. So we’ve incorporated healthy bacteria into the textiles to enable a healthy microbiome which will help to reduce your body odour.” Further adding to this she said, “This change in the microbiome is associated with reducing your body odour, encouraging cell renewal and is really good for the skin’s immune system.”

With the growing sensitivity towards the environment, people are becoming more and more concerned about their surroundings. “People are becoming more aware of sustainability and the environment. They’re concerned about the food that they are eating and the cosmetics that they’re putting on their skin. So in time, I think people will become more aware of wellness clothing, said Broadhead.” reported by Hindustan Times.


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