A 12-Year-Old-Nigerian Coder Builds Laundry-Folding Robot

According to Fathia Abdullahi the robot is just a prototype, however it's capable of folding an item of clothing once you lay it out, and it just takes just three seconds.

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Sundays are supposed to be days when one can relax and spend time taking care of themselves. On the contrary, we find ourselves stuck doing household chores, out of which the most burdensome is laundry. From washing clothes to folding the pile, it takes up most of our time and energy.


However we have some good news. Due to a recent invention by a pre-teen, you can bid goodbye to manual folding. A 12 year old Nigerian girl named Fathia Abdullahi  developed a robot with the ability to fold clothes.

“This is the T-shirt folder,” the young Nigerian told Reuters. “I made it because there are too much clothes to fold on Saturdays and Sundays when you wash a lot.”


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How does the machine work?

“I made it using pins, some beams, and an EV3 brick,” she told Reuters.

According to IndiaTimes, the EV3 brick here is a programmable circuit that works as the heart of LEGO's Mindstorms Education robots, they are meant to be robots that kids can build and program themselves to carry out basic functions.

According to Abdullahi the robot is just a prototype, however it's capable of folding an item of clothing once you lay it out, and it just takes three seconds. She says she plans to develop the device further and then sell it at local markets to help make people's chores easier.

According to ">BBC, Abdullahi started coding when she was 11- year-old and aspires to be a food scientist. Coding is a passion for the young techie. “When I grow up, I will love to be a food scientist, “I would be able to use this coding to build so many things that would help me.” she told BBC.

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Another genius, another robot

Abdullahi’s friend ">Oluwatobiloba Nsikakabasi Owolola, who is also 12-year-old, has programmed a robot grabber that senses nearby objects and moves them.

“This is the robot grabber. “I programmed it to identify the object, grab it and take it to another position.” says Owolola. He started coding when he was only 10-year-old and wants to learn everything about it. “I found Lego robotics interesting,” he said. “I wanted to do it all though.” Just like his friend Abdullahi, he too is passionate about coding. “I love coding, that is why I want to be a robotic engineer,” Owolola declared.


“Honestly, it's quite an amazing machine, given that CES this year also saw Foldimate, a professionally-made laundry-folding machine. Except it takes five seconds, doesn't do extra small or large items like baby clothes and sheets, and costs up to $1,000 so there's that.” wrote India Times.

“They've only been coding for a year or two, but these Nigerian children are already using their skills to make daily tasks that little bit easier.” reported BBC

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