In A First, Women Soldiers Of Assam Rifles Deployed On Combat Duty Near LoC

Around 30 women soldiers are deployed under Captain Gursimran Kaur of the Army Service Corps (ASC).

Ria Das
Aug 05, 2020 07:13 IST
women soldiers combat duty

For the first time, the Indian Army has deployed 'rifle women' on duty in Kashmir and the Line of Control (LoC). Women soldiers of Assam Rifles have now scripted history as they have joined the security duty along with their male counterparts in the areas adjacent to the LoC, ANI reported. The women platoon will guard the border, and look after internal security and combat duties.


“Women soldiers of #AssamRifles deployed for the first time in Kashmir make a positive impact on the local populace in a matter of days. Smiling faces of locals is a testimony of professionalism of the Riflewomen of Assam Rifles,” the Assam Rifles tweeted.

Around 30 women soldiers are deployed under Captain Gursimran Kaur of the Army Service Corps (ASC). Kaur is a third-generation military officer.

All social media platforms are buzzing about the women soldiers in combat uniforms as they guard the Indian borders.


What You Should Know

  • ‘Rifle Women’ from Assam have been deployed on duty in Kashmir. This is for the first time that women soldiers are on regular security duty along with their male counterparts in the areas adjacent to the LoC.
  • The women platoon will make a positive impact on locals, the Assam Rifles said.
  • The Army for the first time has deployed women soldiers for internal security and combat duties near the line of control with Pakistan.

“Deployed at security checkpoints leading to the LoC, the women soldiers are also being used for crowd control and frisking of women because there are intelligence inputs of weapons and drugs being smuggled across,” said an officer, Times of India reported.


The ‘Rifle Women’ joined the duties to make a positive impact on the local population, the Assam Rifles said.

Before this, the Indian Army has only been known for inducting women officers in small numbers since the mid-1990s. However, women were also not allowed to join the “fighting arms” of infantry, armoured corps, mechanised infantry and artillery until last year when they began the recruitment of the first 50 women as soldiers in the Corps of Military Police (CMP), who are undergoing training at present. Recently, the Ministry of Defence finally issued a formal government sanction letter which directs that permanent commission will be given to all women officers in the Indian Army.

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“A need was also felt for women soldiers in forward locations for frisking and other duties. Women police personnel are not always available in such areas. Till the women in CMP actually join service, we are using women soldiers of Assam Rifles for such duties,” said the officer adding that the Army plans on inducting around 800 women in the military police in the coming years. They will assist in criminal cases like rapes and molestations as well as preserving “good order and discipline” in military formations.

Assam Rifles was a male bastion. However, in 2016, 100 women soldiers were inducted into the country’s oldest paramilitary force. The women had a rigorous training along with male soldiers at the Assam Rifles Training Centre and School in Dimapur town of Nagaland.

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