Assam Girl Abused For Wearing Jeans Instead Of Burqa, Father-Son Duo Arrested: Report

The accused had not only allegedly physically assaulted the girl, but had also called her characterless.

Srishti Lakhotia
Nov 01, 2021 06:03 IST
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Girl abused for wearing jeans: A father and his son have been arrested from Bishwanath district of Assam for allegedly abusing a Muslim girl as she wore jeans instead of a burqa to their shop. The girl had gone to buy a pair of earphones at the shop owned by the father-son duo. Not only was she denied service but also allegedly abused by the duo.

Biswanath's Superintendent of Police, Leena Doley said that according to the complaint filed by the girl, she had gone to the accused person house, where they run a mobile phone accessories shop, to buy a pair of earphones. The accused refused to sell the earphones to the girl as she was wearing jeans and not a burqa. Then, she was pushed out of the shop by the duo. Not only that, the man allegedly called her "a characterless and chastised" for wearing jeans.

The incident transpired at Biswanath Charali, Assam on October 25, although it came to light this Sunday, October 31, after the girl, who is pursuing a Bachelor of Computer Application, decided to take legal action.

After the incident which happened on October 25, the father of the girl, on October 28 (according to the FIR which was filed on October 29) had gone to the shop to complain about this behaviour where he was allegedly beaten by the son. On basis of the girl's complaint, the police arrested the duo.


The Biswanath Sadar police station's officer-in-charge, Sanjit Roy, said that the accused Nurul Amin and Rafikul Islam, too, have lodged a counter-complaint, alleging that it was the father of the girl who had attacked them.

According to a report by the Times of India, the girl said that she had gone to Amin's house wearing "decent" clothes, a pair of jeans, to buy earphones. "He suddenly started scolding me. When I asked him the reason, he hurled expletives at me and pushed me out of his house. He asked me to visit his house in a burkha. How can a person force me to wear a burkha? My parents support my decision to wear jeans."

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- In March this year, the Uttar Pradesh Panchayat called Bharatiya Kisan Mazdoor Sangathan in Charthwal said that girls should not wear jeans and if they do then they will be socially punished. The intention of "this rule" was to "preserve" the culture. The National President of the organisation Thakur Pooran Singh believed that the girls go to school and work wearing western outfits at least they can preserve traditions when at home.


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