UP Girl Killed By Family For Wearing Jeans! 10 Things To Know About The Case

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Girl killed for wearing jeans: In Uttar Pradesh’s Deoria district, a teenage girl was allegedly killed by her family members for wearing jeans.

She had developed a fondness for western clothing after her stay in Ludhiana, Punjab. She refused to re-adopt Indian clothes after returning to her native village. This enraged her grandfather and uncles, who killed her for not following the “no jeans” decree.

Girl killed for wearing jeans: 1o things to know about the case

  1. On Monday, July 19, a 17-year-old girl from Deoria, Uttar Pradesh was allegedly killed by her uncles and grandfather because she chose to wear jeans instead of Indian outfits. The incident came to light the next day when the body was found hanging from a bridge.
  2. The police said that the now deceased teenager’s father is employed in Ludhiana. After she there along with her family, she started wearing Western clothes. Later, she and her mother, Shakuntala returned to their village in Deoria’s Mahuadeeh area.
  3. On her return, the elders demanded her to switch to Indian clothes. However, she paid no heed to them and started staying out for long hours.
  4. When the girl’s uncle, Arvind Paswan asked Shakuntala to stop her daughter from wearing jeans and staying out for long, she returned and overheard the conversation.
  5. She opposed the “no jeans” diktat and allegedly slapped her uncle. The fight then took an ugly turn and in the process she hit her head on the wall and died.
  6. “Irked over this, Arvind, his wife and brother (Vyas) pushed the girl in a fit of rage. She hit against a wall and slumped to the ground, bleeding profusely,” Deoria SP Shripati Mishra said to a leading daily.
  7. After she died, the accused allegedly hired an auto rickshaw driver to take the body to the Patanwa bridge on Kasya-Patna highway. It was then thrown off the bridge but got stuck on its grille and kept hanging there for hours.
  8. The passers-by spotted it and informed the police. Thereafter, an immediate investigation began.
  9. Post investigation, the police arrested the victim’s grandfather, identified as Paramhans Paswan and the auto-rickshaw driver on Tuesday, July 20.
  10. Her uncles, Vyas Paswan and Arvind Paswan have absconded and reportedly a search is on for them.