Customer Tells Burger King Employee Her Jeans Were “Too Distracting” For Her Husband. TikTok Goes Viral

Burger King employee jeans
Burger King employee jeans case: An employee of Burger King took to social media to reveal details about her experience at work in which a woman came up to her and told her that her jeans were “too distracting” for her husband.

Lala, a woman who works at Burger King shared on TikTok what happened at her workplace and how she responded to it. The Burger King employee was recently approached by a woman customer who straight up told her that her normal work uniform was being a great distraction for her husband. 

Going by the username @rockefeller.o on TikTok, she said “I had a lady complain today because my work uniform was a ‘distraction’ to her husband,” as she showed her work uniform in the video. The uniform that she wore was a simple polo shirt with her employee name tag on it paired with black jeans.

Burger King Employee Jeans Under Fire: Dress Policing At The Workplace?

In response to the woman’s complaint, Lala sarcastically said “I guess I’ll leave my a** at home next time”. The Burger King employee also turned around and gave two middle fingers to the camera, to show what she thought of the inappropriate complaint in her TikTok video.

While women have been constantly judged over the years for their choice of clothing, other TikTok users soon rushed to the comments to talk about the offensive experience that Lala had to go through. Users questioned what the woman would have preferred any employee to be wearing except jeans and tee shirts. Other users also questioned why the husband was so easily distracted even by the most normal things.

In Lala’s defense, one TikTok user mocked the woman’s inappropriate complaint and commented “I hope she kept the receipt on him. Maybe they’ll do a trade-in at the husband store.” Another user wrote also wrote that the woman’s husband who was distracted seems to be broken.