Ankita Gaur, Five Months Pregnant, Finishes 10K Race In Bengaluru

Ankita Gaur Runner

Ankita Gaur, a runner from Bengaluru, is winning praise for shattering several taboos by participating in a race at five months of pregnancy. The 35-year-old, who completed the TCS World 10K Bengaluru 2020 in only 62 minutes, has managed to inspire many with her empowering story. She completed the 10-kilometre long run in Bengaluru on Sunday. Gaur, who is an engineer by profession, has reportedly been partaking in races and running sports for nine years now, even having run several prestigious international marathons.

Talking about her pregnancy run, Gaur was quoted saying, “I have been running regularly for nine years, so this is something, which is like breathing for me. It comes to me very naturally. Apparently, running is actually very safe. It’s a good exercise to run during pregnancy. Also, if you look at the American Council of health, everything is recommended that if you are a runner, it’s absolutely okay.”

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Ankita Gaur Breaks Taboos Running While Pregnant

In a country like India, where women are expected to remain sheltered within the house during their pregnancy, Gaur has dispelled the stigma attached to this bodily function. Talking further on whether physical activity such as running would prompt possible health concerns, Gaur said, “I am five months pregnant, so my body is very different compared to what it was… My doctor said it’s absolutely healthy. In fact, she encouraged me to go ahead, and run. She advised me not to run fast.” Gaur also received ample support from her family.

According to The Bridge, Gaur is among the noted runners in the country. Her expertise has led her to qualify for the prestigious Boston Marathon on three separate occasions, in 2017, 2018, and 2019. Talking about her experience, she said, “…During the last seven kilometres, my right leg started hurting badly… I was completely zoned out. I don’t remember the crowd, I don’t remember anything, but how I crossed the last few kilometres is absolutely amazing!”

Gaur has also participated in the Berlin Marathon, considered among the fastest races in the world, as well as the New Delhi Marathon on the homefront.

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Other Pregnant Women Breaking Barriers

Earlier this month, actor Anushka Sharma, who has been sharing her pregnancy journey with followers on social media, shared a picture of herself pulling off a headstand (Shirshasana), with help from husband Virat Kohli. Her post had invited cheers for impressing on the need for women to maintain physical and mental fitness during pregnancy. Kohli and Sharma are expecting their first child in January 2021.

In September this year, a woman named Soni, who was seven months pregnant, had travelled from Jharkhand to Madhya Pradesh with her husband on a scooter to give an exam. Dhananjay, her husband, had earned wide praise for braving waterlogged roads and downpours so Soni could reach in time for her exam. Read their story here.