A couple from Jharkhand travelled a distance of 1300 kilometres to Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh so that the wife could give her exams. Dhananjay and his wife Soni, who is seven months pregnant, braved heavy downpours, waterlogged roads, and floods to make it in time for Soni to appear for her second-year diploma in elementary education. Initially, Dhananjaya was unwilling to take the risk of travelling such a long distance on a scooter but Soni was determined to not miss a year of her education.

The couple couldn’t afford a taxi. So they started their journey on August 28 from Jharkhand’s Gantatola village on a scooter. The couple had only one raincoat, Dhananjay wore it backwards so that his wife was protected too. Dhananjay works at a catering firm in Jharkhand. With a monthly income of Rs 9000 the couple had to mortgage jewellery to meet the expenses of this journey.

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“I am a non-matric school dropout. She has completed her first year. I want her to build her career, follow her dream. She will become a teacher once she completes the course, and we can give a better future to the one who will come into our life in two months,” Dhananjaya told TOI. Soni who lost her father at a very young age, said, “I can face any situation with the support of my husband.

Key Takeaways:

  • A couple from Jharkhand covered a distance of 1300 km to Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh for pregnant wife’s exam.
  • The couple started their journey on August 28 from Jharkhand’s Gantatola village.
  • The couple had to mortgage jewellery in order to meet the expenses of this journey.

Dhananjay and Soni travelled through UP, Bihar, and Jharkhand before finally reaching their destination. The couple had to spend a night each at a lodge in Muzaffarpur and in a garden near the expressway in Lucknow. Dhananjay said he drew inspiration from Dasrath Majhi, who carved out a road by cutting a mountain in the memory of his wife. Soni, on the other hand, was inspired by the indomitable courage of her husband, reports News18 India.

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Similar incidences

In April 2020, a 48-year-old Telangana woman reportedly rode on a two-wheeler for three days to bring her son, who was stranded in Andhra Pradesh, back during the lockdown. Talking about her journey, the government teacher said, “It was a difficult journey on a small two-wheeler for a woman. But the determination to bring my son back overtook all my fears. I packed rotis and they kept me going. It was fearsome in the nights with no traffic movement and people on roads.”

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In the month of May 15-year-old Jyoti made headlines when she travelled 1200 kilometres on a bicycle, with her injured father riding pillion. “I did not feel very scared even while cycling at night as we used to see hundreds of migrants walking on the highways. Our only concern was road accidents, which fortunately we did not face,” the Class VII student said. You can read her story here. 

Then in the month of July, a 24-year-old woman rode 1,800 kilometres on a scooter from Maharashtra to Jharkhand to meet her five-year-old son who wasn’t keeping well.

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