Andhra Pradesh Govt To Provide Sanitary Napkins To Female Students

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Andhra Pradesh government Sweccha programme: Jagan Mohan Reddy, the Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister launched the Sweccha programme on Tuesday. The state government has stated that they will provide good quality sanitary napkins, free of cost to female students in the state government institutions.

Reddy stated that the state government strongly believes that the power to change history lay with the women in their state and that he wants to help them move forward.

Addressing the prevalent taboo associated with the topic of menstruation, the Chief Minister said that one should not shy away from discussing it. He further talked about creating more awareness among female students and educating them on safe practices.

According to a press release, the government will provide 10 sanitary napkins every month to female students in classes 7 to 12, in all government schools and intermediate colleges around the state. In total, 120 sanitary napkins will be provided to all female students, each year. Even during vacations, students will be supplied with their quota before leaving. A financial outlay of 32 crores has been allotted towards this initiative.

According to the ANI report, the statement added that free branded sanitary products being provided is a result of state governments entering MoUs with various corporate conglomerates like P&G and Niine. Sanitary napkins with lowered prices will also be available at YSR Cheyutha stores across the state as a part of the MoUs. This scheme will be available to over one crore women living in the area.

The press release also mentioned that in every school, a female educator will be appointed as a Nodal officer to help the female students with the supply of the sanitary napkins, methods of safe disposal and any other further assistance. The state has also set up 6,417 incinerators through the Clean Andhra Pradesh Initiative (CLAP).

The building of restroom facilities with uninterrupted water supply, in government schools, is also underway.

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