An Entrepreneur’s Dilemma: Juggling Family, Friends, Work, Sleep, Fitness

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Entrepreneurship is a tedious journey. It requires meticulous planning and a high level of commitment. Women entrepreneurs across the world are engaging in conversation about the need to balance different arenas of their lives along with their work.

Randi Zuckerberg, Facebook Director of Market development, perfectly summarised this dilemma in a tweet.

SheThePeople.TV spoke to a few women entrepreneurs to know if they are able to juggle these five arenas of life impeccably.

Shireen Mehra, Founder Of Women On Clouds, says, “Life is imbalanced when you are an entrepreneur — actually when you are a female entrepreneur. There is so much expected of a woman in India. But I have learnt to balance by prioritizing. Work, family and fitness are my top three priorities. While work and family always remain the top two, I do try and balance my time between sleep and fitness. Friends and social life takes a total backseat.”

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Pallavi Singh, a resident of Mumbai, who teaches Hindi to foreigners, says:

“I believe I am balancing work, sleep and family quite well, whereas friends and fitness are on the backburner, mainly because of a time crunch and lack of logistical support to pursue them. Friendships need time to be initiated, cultivated and maintained. In a chaotic city like Mumbai where everything and everyone is in a perpetual rush — it is honestly quite impossible to do the same.”

With good sleep, fitness can be managed – Latika Wadhwa

Latika Wadhwa, Founder of Mastyle Care, has been an entrepreneur for 3.5 years now. She believes that striking a balance is one of the most difficult tasks of being an entrepreneur. Latika says, “I concentrate more on work, sleep and family. With good sleep, fitness can be managed.”

She admits that one tends to lose touch with a lot of friends due to work commitments but prioritising stuff according to your comfort is a good idea. Besides friends, the family also plays an important role by backing you in all your endeavours.

Family support is one of the most important things as it will encourage and motivate you to carry on with the work, so try finding out time for them, go with them on weekends or whenever you get time and make them feel special,” she adds.

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