American Star Gymnast Simone Biles Pulls Out Of Olympics Team All-Around Final

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Simone Biles Tokyo Olympics 2020: The United States’ crowning jewel in gymnastics and the country’s hope for its third consecutive Olympic win in the category this year has reportedly pulled out of the games ahead of the women’s team finals. Officials on-site have confirmed the news.

As per the Associated PressBiles suffered an injury while landing her opening vault on July 27 following which she made her exit with her trainer, her right leg covered. Teammates Suni Lee, Jordan Chiles and Grace McCallum rounded up the routine by themselves.

Experts indicated with Biles walking out of the competition, the US team’s road to gold could possibly suffer a setback. Sure enough, Russia picked gold with the US coming in second, bagging silver, and Britain winning the bronze medal.

This marked the first time that the US team’s performance on a major international stage concluded without Biles’ closing act.

Eight teams reached the women’s gymnastics final with Russia and the US leading the top. The order competitive events in the category followed was vault, uneven bars, balance beam and floor exercise. More on Olympic wins this year.

Simone Biles Tokyo Olympics: All You Need To Know About US’ Greatest Gymnast

Counted among the world’s best gymnasts of all time, 24-year-old Simone Biles has record wins in her sport of artistic gymnastics, with a whopping count of 30 Olympic and World Championship medals. A true pioneering trailblazer, Biles is an all-around woman champion in gymnastics with the most world titles. Everything to know about her.

A docuseries on Biles’ life is set to premiere as the Summer Olympics progresses in Tokyo. Titled Simone vs Herselfit gives a piercing look into the young star’s highs, lows and the odds she has faced to reach her top position today. The film is a part of Facebook Watch’s Versus series that tracks the lives of sporting geniuses.