Chaand Taare Tod Laaun, Literally: Man Gifts Plot On Moon To Wife!

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Man Gifts Wife Moon

The story of a couple from Ajmer in Rajasthan is winning hearts on the internet, for it is nothing short of a cheesy, fairytale Bollywood romance. And don't we all love those? Even for those of us that publicly denounce it, rosy romances are our guilty pleasures. Especially for the audiences that have grown up on a cinema diet with healthy (perhaps, unhealthy) doses of lessons in love our beloved filmi songs have given us. Bringing Shah Rukh Khan's lofty imaginations in Yes Boss to possess chaand and taare to life, a man from Ajmer gifted his wife a plot on the moon as their wedding anniversary present.


Dharmendra Anija, to mark eight years of togetherness with his wife Sapna, Anija bought her three acres of land on the celestial body in a bid to do “something special” for her. While the rest of us languish here on earth in search of suitable, loving partners, Anija has taken his love to outer space, documenting it there for all of eternity. As regards extravagant gifts, Shah Jahan must perhaps be rolling in his grave at the serious competition Anija is giving him.

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A Bollywood Couple Come To Life?

On being asked about his gift, Anija was quoted saying, "It was our wedding anniversary on December 24. I wanted to do something special for her. Everyone gifts earthly possessions like cars and jewellery, but I wanted to do something different. Therefore, I purchased land on the moon for her."

His wife Sapna, meanwhile, expressing her happiness and simultaneously becoming the object of envy for hundreds like me, said, "I’m extremely happy. I never expected he would gift me something so special. The party was organised by professional event organisers, and the setting was surreal. It felt like we are literally on the moon." Read our full report here.

Non-Sexist Manifestation Of Bollywood? Yes, Please!


It's heartwarming to see Bollywood manifesting in a way that is more sweet than sexist, as is usually the case. We're all sick of men replaying tired big-screen tropes for what they think will woo women. Which is not to say that over-the-top gifts necessarily have to be a mark of love.

Countless couples are, as they do, existing happily without anniversary gift exchanges. For many, a smile or nothing suffices. Because love revolves upon things more intangible than celestial plots or high-priced purchases. But if diverging onto a road less taken is what you think will delight or surprise your partner, then why not?

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