An Out-Of-The-World Wedding Anniversary: Ajmer Man Gifts Wife Plot On Moon

Man Gifts Wife Moon

A couple from Ajmer celebrated their wedding anniversary in a way that was out-of-the-world, literally, when Dharmendra Anija gifted his wife Sapna a plot on the moon. To mark eight years of their togetherness, Anija bought her three acres of land in outer space in a bid to do “something special” for her. While cinema’s romantic legacies have only sermonised how lovers should give their partners the stars and the moon, Anija has brought their lessons to life.

Speaking to ANI, Anija said on the occasion, “It was our wedding anniversary on December 24. I wanted to do something special for her. Everyone gifts earthly possessions like cars and jewellery, but I wanted to do something different. Therefore, I purchased land on the moon for her.”

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He added, “I’m happy. I think I’m the first man in Rajasthan to buy a land on the Moon.”

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Wife Reacts To Her “Moon Gift”

The couple reportedly celebrated the event in a pre-planned setting, where Anija gifted his wife a framed document of his celestial purchase. Sapna Anija was quoted saying, “I’m extremely happy. I never expected he would gift me something so special. The party was organised by professional event organisers, and the setting was surreal. It felt like we are literally on the moon. There during the ceremony, he gifted me a framed certificate of the property document.”

According to reports, Anija made his purchase through a firm in New York City, USA, and it took almost a year to be processed.