In a bid to contain the deadly coronavirus, the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) has decided to convert its Trauma Centre building into a COVID-19 hospital. The trauma centre usually provides treatment mostly to victims of road accidents but preparations to convert in into COVID-19 hospital have begun. According to sources, it will initially have around 260 beds.

It already has 242 beds and the authorities are adding 18 more.  Out of this, there are about 50 ICU beds and around thirty to forty beds in the high-dependency unit. It has around 70 ventilators.

“The entire trauma casualty and the emergency is being shifted to the AIIMS’ main emergency. Most of the patients have already been shifted to multiple wards at the main AIIMS hospital,” a source told Business Standard, adding that the authority will ramp up the capacity if need arises.

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Other initiatives by AIIMS

AIIMS has taken some concrete steps to contain the virus. Have a look:

  • It has set up a task force to develop a management protocol for COVID-19.
  • The hospital has also constituted several committees that will respond to the rising number of covid 19 cases.
  • It has already closed its OPD, including speciality services.
  • The hospital is also postponing all non-essential elective procedures and surgeries.
  • The administration has directed for only emergency life-saving surgeries.

Situation in India

The total number of coronavirus cases in India is now 1071. The novel COVID19 has so far claimed 29 lives in the country. Maharashtra, Gujarat, Punjab and Jammu and Kashmir reported fresh deaths on Sunday.

The virus has affected Kerala the most. The state has reported 194 cases and one death. It has recorded the highest number of coronavirus infection in the country. After Kerala, Maharashtra is the hardest-hit state. It has  has 193 COVID-19 patients.
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