Daughter Was Removed From School Classes Over Fee Non-Payment, Says Actor Javed Haider

Javed Haider daughter financial trouble has raised a pertinent question: Have online classes really made life easier as they claim to have done?

Tanvi Akhauri
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Javed Haider daughter: Hindi film and television actor Javed Haider in a recent interview has revealed a financial crunch induced by the COVID-19 pandemic affected the schooling of his daughter, who was allegedly removed from her online classes over the non-payment of fees.

Haider, who appeared as a child actor in 1980s films like Ghulam and most notably appeared last in Dabangg 3, said since solid work was hard to come by during the economic crisis fuelled by the pandemic and lockdowns, his daughter's education suffered a snag.

Talking to ABP Newshe said his younger child - a 14-year-old daughter studying in class nine - could not attend online classes until he somehow arranged for the fees.

"Though the school had waived fees for three months for all the students, there was later an indication that those who could not pay the fee would not be allowed to attend classes," he said.

Haider further requests schools to reconsider fee payment or offer "discounts" for children who may not be able to afford it due to pandemic pressures.

Javed Haider Daughter: Struggles Of Employment During Pandemic

Similar to troubles of money highlighted by Haider, several stories have emerged in recent times of yesteryear or formerly celebrated figures facing financial issues. Actors Savita Bajaj and Shagufta Ali came forward with appeals for help, claiming they did not have the means to sustain well.


Added to this is also the twin issue of providing for the education of children in the family.

The pandemic has pushed schools behind screens but with many parents struggling to make ends meet under the burden of unemployment, this has hardly created a convenient situation. Young students, for instance, have had to climb rooftops, sell mangoes, sit on hilltops just so they can attend online school. These troubles for children with disabilities are exponentially higher.

This has raised a pertinent question: Have online classes really made life easier as they claim to have done? Or has toxicity surged in digital school environments?

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