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Diwali Safety

The grandest Hindu festival is just around the corner and we all know what that means; celebration, rangoli, sweets, gifts, surprises. While historically, Diwali was celebrated with just diyas, the norm today has evolved and I'm not quite sure if it is for the better. Yes, I mean the deviant pollutants, the crackers.


Now, now, I'm not trying to kill any buzz here, but let's be honest, crackers are just unnecessary noise pollutants. And aren't we all aware of the damaging impact it has on our environment? Having said that, there are some precautions, safety and health measures that are imperative to take during this festive season.

Sugar and Fat Alert

Dry fruits and mithai are the go-to snack during Diwali, and while all of us enjoy the extra calories we intake, it is important to not overdo it. Especially people with diabetes. Yes yes, that barfi sure does look tempting, but you better keep your hands away from the box. Let's remind ourselves that we will pay for an overindulgence the next few days.


Individuals suffering from respiratory problems must be extra careful during the festival. The doctors see an increase in patients that suffer asthma attacks. The air is congested with the harmful gases released from the firecrackers and congests the air. Diwali usually falls during winter season, and therefore the smoke mixed with fog makes it even worse health hazard.

A hearty heart


The high decibel noises caused by the firecrackers can be of an issue to many with heart diseases. People who are diagnosed with high blood pressure (hypertension) also have trouble coping with the loud noises; they become restless and suffer from lack of sleep.

Avoid burns, wear proper clothing

The odds of injuring yourself grow during the festivities and everyone is surrounded by bursting crackers. Be wise and keep a safe distance when getting involved in such activities. Avoiding wearing synthetic material is safe bet. Cotton does not catch fire easily, and therefore is recommended.

Take care of over-excited kids

Children squealing, running around is a general sight during the festivities; make sure you keep an eye out for them. Keeping a first aid kit ready for any emergency is a good call as the kids might injure themselves if in too close proximity of crackers.

Watch out: Animal Care 


Just like humans are prone to health hazards, animals too suffer a great deal. Your pet will start feeling agitated and nervous as they cannot bear the loud sounds. Don't leave them alone and keep them away from the firecrackers. You can even try to cover their ears with ear muffs; they'll be thankful for sure.

A story that dates centuries back has become a reason of celebration for the Indian community. Light diyas, eat well and stay safe this Diwali.

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