7 Of India’s Favourite Diving Spots

Diving is an adrenaline-pumping activity and one of the fastest growing sports in the world today. Being a challenging sport, the activity is very strictly controlled. Diving can actually help you in building strength and developing endurance. So here’s a list of seven of India’s favourite diving spots where you can enjoy this exciting experience.

  1. Havelock Islands, Andaman & Nicobar Islands

Andaman is one of nature’s incredible beauties. The gorgeous Havelock Island is the most popular of the Andaman Islands with beautiful beaches and a wide range of exotic marine life. This treasured beauty is one of the best sites for diving and snorkeling in India.

Best Diving Sites: Pilot Reef, Minerva Ledge, Elephant Beach, Johny’s Gorge, Dixon’s Pinnacle, The Wall, Lighthouse

Approximate Cost: INR 4500 or more.

Best Time to Visit: November to April

Who to Dive with: Barefoot SCUBA, Andaman Bubbles SCUBA Diving

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  1. Lakshadweep

Lakshadweep is definitely amongst the best sites to visit for all diving enthusiasts. Gorgeous beaches, crystal clear water and coral reefs — Lakshadweep is blessed with all of these.

Best Diving sites: Bangaram, Kavaratti, Agatti, Kadmat, Minicoy

Approximate cost: Starts from INR 2500

Best time to visit: October to May

Who to Dive with: Planet SCUBA India, Lacadives

  1. Port Blair, Andaman & Nicobar Island

The capital city of the Union Territory surely has some remarkable places to go to for diving. One can visit Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park in Wandoor, which is a place reserved to protect the marine flora and fauna. For the best diving experience, you can visit Chidiyatapu, which is south of Port Blair, and only about 40-minute drive from the airport. Clinque Island (Port Blair) is also the must-visit site for diving.

Best Time to Visit: November to April/May.

Who to Dive with: Lacadives (small groups and dedicated instructors)

Approximate Cost: Starting from INR 600

4. Goa

Goa is not just about the beaches and beer. It is a hub for all adventure activities. Grande Island is among the must visit spots for diving in Goa.

Best Diving Sites: Grande Island, Shelter Cove, and Sao Gorge Island

Approximate Cost: Starting from INR 4000

Best Time to Visit: October to March

Who to Dive with: Atlantis Watersports, Goa Diving, Dive Goa, Barracuda Diving India

Diving is one of the most exciting sports that help you build strength and develop endurance

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  1. Pondicherry

The peaceful environment of Pondicherry makes it one of the finest sites for diving. The place is a heaven and equipped with different variants of diving sites for daring diving enthusiasts.

Best Diving Sites: The Hole, 4 Corners, The Aravind Wall, Temple Reef.

Approximate Cost: Starting from INR 5000 0r 6000

Best Time to Visit: Mid- October to February

Who to Visit with Temple Adventures

  1. Island of Netrani

It is also known as Pigeon Island. The island of Netrani is located 19 km from the town of Murudeshwara in Karnataka. It is considered as one of the most popular deep sea diving sites in India.

Best Diving Sites: The Abyss, Dini’s Delight, Grand Central Station, Cul De Sac, Alladin’a Cave, The Nursery

Approximate Cost: Starting from INR 6000

Best Time to Visit: November to May

Who to Visit with Netrani Adventures, Dive Goa.

  1. Malvan, Maharashtra

Malvan is one of the popular tourist destinations. It is one of the rarest places in Maharashtra which is home to Tarkarli beach along with crystal clear water, which is ideal for underwater diving in India.

Best Diving Sites: Tsunami Island (Karli backwaters), Sindhudurg Fort, Dandi Beach

Approximate Cost: Starting from INR 3000

Best Time to Visit: November to March

Who to Visit with: Morya Underwater Sports Group

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