5 Women Entrepreneurs Striving To Provide Mental Wellness

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5 Women Entrepreneurs Striving To Provide Mental Wellness

We are fortunate to be living in an era where a lot of importance is being attached to mental and emotional wellness. More and more people are signing up for wellness retreats, therapies and other cathartic activities that rejuvenate their heart and soul. The desire to reconnect with their inner selves has never been so strong among people.


Read on to know about 5 such women entrepreneurs who are dedicated to helping people battle their life's problems and become the best version of themselves through unique ways.

1. Jannat Behl, Founder Babble Me

jannat behl

On returning from the UK after completing her higher studies, Jannat realized that so many people in India did not know about mental health. On conducting some research, she came across a lot of people who were facing mental health issues. That's when she started developing her portal.

Started in 2015, Babble Me provides online therapy to make a difference. The objective is to make the struggle with common mental disorders such as anxiety, depression and stress a little easier. The platform connects you to a therapist suited to your needs online and anonymously. One can use text or audio to express what they feel anytime or use the app or the login to the site.

2. Payal Mitra, Co-Founder Still Flow



Payal Mitra started Still Flow with an aim to help people, especially women bring their bodies and souls in sync, through what is known as ‘Dance Movement Therapy’. It is a well-researched science that allows people to realize the natural rhythm of their body, through a series of tailored movement sessions. She has managed to positively impact many people's lives over a the short span of time.

3. Dr Bhavi Mody, Co-Founder Edupysche

Dr Bhavi Mody on shethepeople

Bhavi is dedicated to the cause of tackling mental health issues in the country. She co-founded Edupsyche, an institute that bridges the gap between Mental Health professionals and those seeking Mental Health Services with facilities like Online Treatment and Teachers training modules.

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4. Cheelu Chandran, Founder Debox

cheelu chandran

Cheelu Chandran's tryst with life's challenges compelled her to launch Debox. The company organises workshops and sessions to help you find your path to self-love. With a postgraduate diploma in Psychotherapy & Counselling, she is also a certified trainer in ‘Silver Ultra Mind method’ of mind control.

In an interview with SheThePeople.TV, she had said, “When something major happens, a change takes place in your brain. I think that is what happened. I started thinking more and more about how people go through so much because they put themselves in a box. We need to have an unconditional acceptance of the self and the world around."

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5. Sharmili Agarwal Kapoor, Founder Atmantan


sharmilee agarwal

Sharmilee Agarwal Kapur is the founder of Atmantan, a beautiful luxury and integrated wellness getaway in Mulshi near Pune. At Atmantan, guests enjoy yoga with a view of the hills, luxurious spa treatments, and time to relax in a beautiful infinity pool.

“We want people who come to the resort to be selfishly self-involved. It is only when you are at your best that you can give your best,” she had told SheThePeople.TV.

Her goal is to make Atmantan the platinum standard for wellness.

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